BoomTown Fair 2016


A little adventure, 11/08/16 to 14/08/16.

My second year at BoomTown (year one ici), made all the sweeter by the fact, A. I was/am covering it, and B. I didn’t have my wallet nicked on the first night.

Musical highlights; Ozric Tentacles, Les Yeux D’la Tête, Craig Charles, The Destroyers, The Orb, The Correspondents, Alfresco Disco, Leftfield.

Honourable mention to the amazing rockabilly band we saw on some tiny little outdoor stage in Chinatown who totally blew us away in the 15 minutes we were there. Just wish I could remember their name…

Other highlights; Losing the plot while throwing some shapes at Robotika, Tribe of Frog and before the amazing Bang Hai Palace, meeting and getting a random polaroid with George the Festival Horse (with a special shout out to the chap who gave me his pair of kaleidoscopic glasses which utterly changed my life during Leftfield’s set), seeing justice dispensed in Wild West, and just because he was so good he deserves mentioning twice; CRAIG CHARLES. I mean, he even did a mash up of Man of Constant Sorrow. ‘Dat Rockt.

Anyhoo, here are just a few of the best pics I took during the weekend. I’m no photographer, but I was chuffed with a few of these.










BoomTown Fair 2015


A little adventure, 13/08/15 to 16/08/15.

Now into its seventh year, BoomTown Fair is one of the country’s biggest and best emerging new festivals.

Each year, the organisers are forging new canon, new lore, giving each ‘chapter’ its own unique feel and identity.

While it’s not steeped in the same history as Glastonbury or Reading, it’s doing a fine job of forging its own.

Split into eight or so ‘districts’, ranging from the Wild West to Chinatown, Old Town and District 5, there is a huge variety of acts, attractions and secrets to discover at BoomTown.

It doesn’t feel the complete article yet; the site is sparse and at times, underpopulated, yet at the same time, it seems to create voids whereby you have top acts playing on some of the biggest states to just a handful of people.

Nonetheless, it was a very different festival experience to some of the established ones in Britain, and certainly one I’d go straight back to for another bite.

It was marred just a little by some bastard nicking my wallet on the first night, but you can’t let that become the story of your festival.

Instead, we lost the plot in the Psychedelic Forest to Infected Mushroom, danced like loons to Squarepusher and Phil Hartnoll before the utterly extraordinary Ban Hai Palace stage (new for 2015), and got down with the gypsy punks for Gogol Bordello, Dubioza Collectiv and Soviet Suprem.

BoomTown is definitely a festival that targets sub-culture, which can be a little bit of a barrier if, like me, you’re not someone who subscribes to a particular train of thought.

But it makes for an interesting experience strolling from district to district, each flooded with volunteers in full costume, often acting out work-a-day scenes you might expect in each setting. It was certainly the most immersive festival experience I can recall.