Bonne Année


So it’s 2017, at last.

Let’s not eulogise about 2016 – Bowie, Brexit, Trump, etc. In the grand scheme of things, it was grim.

For me, it was a beige, meh, 6.5/10.

Introspection’s never been my forté. What’s done is done, what’s not done is left to do. We move on.

If I dare tempt fate (and I do), there is cause for positivity in 2017, putting the inexorable march towards Brexit aside.

But first, a quick squizz through 2016 from this mawkish commentator, yours truly.

  • The best thing I listened to last year was White by Weezer, quite possibly the best comeback album of all time and one that should rightly take its place alongside their 1994 classic Blue. It is, quite simply, flawless. If the Beach Boys were at their prolific best in 2016, this is the album they would have written. Honourable mentions include Skeleton Tree by Nick Cave, Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not by Dinosaur Jr, Hardwired… To Self Destruct by Metallica, A Moon Shaped Pool by Radiohead, Music For An Infinite Universe by 65daysofstatic and, of course, Blackstar by David Bowie.
  • The best things I watched last year were Hail, Caesar! and 10 Cloverfield Lane, although that’s just about it for 2016 films I actually saw.

I did some cool things last year, namely:

Et finalement, last year, I did a little round-up of those we sadly lost. This year, well, need I even remind you?

Forza 2017.



A little adventure, 19/08/16 to 21/08/16.

North Wales has become something of an annual August pilgrimage now. Didn’t actually take many pics of note (mainly because I’ve taken bundles before) and because the weather was, frankly, a bit crap.

But it was a chance to visit Anglesey for the first time, which was as beautiful as you would expect, and where the clouds cleared just long enough for a nice shot.



A little adventure, 25/11/15 to 28/11/15.

We crammed a lot of things into four days; a tour of FC Bayern, a visit to Munich’s amazingly macabre Bier and Oktoberfest Museum, a stroll around the actual Oktoberfest site, a sombre, eye-opening moment of contemplation at the Dachau concentration camp – and mounds of pork and litres of weißbeer.












A little adventure, 16/07/15 to 21/07/15.

If I had to pick one thing I really did not expect to do in 2015, it was to go to Finland. But I’m so glad the opportunity arose.

The trip was split into two; a few days in the (relatively) northerly city of Oulu for a friend’s wedding before a couple of days in Finland’s stunning metropolitan, cosmopolitan capital Helsinki. Definitely one of the great cities I’ve visited.