Clown time (it’s not over)

Now here’s a fantastic blog post and prime example of how to effectively make news out of news by Camden New Journal editor Richard Osley.

For anyone who follows Richard’s blog, you’ll know how keen he is on exploring what journalists can do with Freedom of Information legislation.

This is a prime example. Off the back of the social media phenomenon that was the Northampton Clown, the paper was canny enough to fire off a FOI request to the Met Police to uncover the amount of ‘clown crime’ being dealt with by the force on the streets of the capital.

And the results are staggering, with the word ‘clown’ cropping up 117 times in police reports during the last three years across a range of, in some cases, startlingly severe offences – including robbery, burglary and assault.

Proof, it were ever needed, that with a little considered thought, a seemingly trivial topic can be turned into something with a far harder edge.

Read the whole thing yourselves here.